For some time I have been helping people to better understand how to apply principle of career management to their careers and how to present themselves better when applying for and being interviewed for new positions. I have also undergone some career coaching and assistance myself. Having successfully helped a number of people on a one-to-one basis, I thought I’d share some of the fundamentals with you as a series of career management blog posts. I introduced the series with a post called Career management: a case for….
career management - your career needs you

Getting to know yourself and it’s importance to career management

So why is it important to know yourself? Well, for me it is important because for you to identify careers and roles that you will enjoy, that will satisfy and reward you, you may need to know

  • What you are good at
  • What you like to do
  • What comes naturally easily to you
  • What you have accomplished in the past and why. What attributes and qualities do your accomplishments demonstrate?
  • What your values are
  • What are you motivated by
  • What you are not so good at, so you can develop those skills if they are required
  • What disinterests you
  • Your learning and communications preferences

Amongst others. All of these will give you insight into you and how you might match the requirements of jobs & careers. For example, if you do not like working with numbers and do not have a eye for fine detail, perhaps becoming an Accountant of Financial Auditor is not a wise choice

In my next post on career management, I’ll give you an introduction to a few tools that you may find useful in getting to know yourself