I am over the next few weeks going to be publishing a series of blog posts on topics around Career Management. Before I start into the Career Management series, I wanted to run a few points past you as to why I believe managing your career and the areas of career management deserve your attention.

Career management – why?

  • You will, unless you are extremely fortunate, probably spend upwards of 30 years of your lifetime working. It is likely during the working week, you will spend more time at work than you will doing anything else (except sleeping) every day. So you want to be doing you find rewarding and enjoy, right?
  • There are few things more soul destroying than being in a job that you dislike
  • Working in a company or organisation whose values do not match with your own can lead to stress and disatisfaction
  • Not knowing what you want to do for a job or career can lead to you feeling lost and end up drifting aimlessly with no clear direction or purpose
  • Not being au fait with how to approach applications and interviews can lead to people receiving rejection after rejection; ultimately the become disillusioned and give up on pursuing their career goals

These are all areas that can be explored and developed within the realms of career coaching and career management

Join me as I develop this series of blog posts

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