For those of you who saw my first post on this site, you will have seen that I have had to restart my blog from scratch. A new canvas, a clean slate, whatever you wish to refer to it as. On the ‘old’ blog, which inexplicably got wiped/lost or whatever you wish to refer to it was over two years of blog posts covering an array of topics such as thought provokers, running ambitions and achievements, coaching techniques, some personal reflection posts… but now all have been assigned to some black hole in cyber space. It would be very easy to get disheartened by such an occurrence, but that will just waste my time and energy… it is disappointing but I have to move on, learn the lessons and recreate, recover what I can and create new content on this nice new canvas. As with just about every ‘failure’ in our life, we can let these things defeat us and define us or we can get back up, dust ourselves off, look at where things did not work and put in place actions and approaches that will allow us to avoid those obstacles and pitfalls again.

So, on that note I will make sure that I have
1. backed up the site regularly
2. copies of all the posts and pages in other applications

As my old Sergeant Major used to say “First time’s a mistake, second time’s a habit”

Hope you’ll join me on the journey as I create and develop this new blog.