As I got up and went for my run this morning, I was able to reflect on what a different experience it was and how differently I felt from when I got up on Tuesday morning. As I pulled on my running gear and went out the front door, the 70’s song “what a difference a day makes” popped into my head; I suppose that is the power of the subconcious mind, never liked the song, but atleast it has provided a title for this blog.

The Compressor

As I declared on Tuesday, I was feeling a bit deflated. I had mentioned it on a tweet as I left home to go to work. To my surprise and delight, by the time I had arrived at work I had several wonderful messages; they started to lift me. I then had a great meeting with some colleagues, a few laughs and a bit of banter. That certainly did the trick and we were up to full inflation again. My spirits lifted.

Positive Attitude

Bouyed by a new inflation of positive energy, the rest of Tuesday breezed by. I had a fantastic meeting with another colleague; so much synergy. Then an impromptu message with another potential opportunity. In the late afternoon a positive mentoring session with the Theatre Ark (youth theatre) leaders.


Wednesday carried on as Tuesday had left off. I got loads done, had two positive coaching sessions, had a very positive initial meeting with someone I had been introduced to through LinkedIn, received a testimonial from a guy who I was coaching who had received a promotion and to cap it all had an extremely productive audio with Heather Townsend from The Efficiency Coach.

The Moral

it can be all to easy to get down and get stuck in a rut. I have been there a few times, self sabotage, one thing doesn’t go right so you look for the next one and on it goes; self-fulfilling prophecy. However, it is far more productive and rewarding to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move forward. That becomes easier when you are surrounded by such wonderful people. Thank you.

I think it was Brad Sugars that said in an audio that I listened to

What’s the difference between a rut and a grave?…. A grave is shorter.

So in the immortal words of Monty Python, “Always look on the bright side of life”

What a difference a day had made!
Creative Commons License photo credit: arvidr