Here we are then, the end of the 10 Steps to Success… or is it? More about that later.

Quick revision

On our journey through these 10 steps to success we have talked about

  1. Vision – a desired future state, something to set your sights on
  2. Goals – well formed and specific goals, that contribute to the attainment of the vision
  3. Motivation – the driving force to action, the reason why you wish to pursue the goals & vision
  4. Belief – your confidence that you can accomplish your goals, needs to be stronger than any doubts or uncertainties that you may have
  5. Planning – the need to explore options, activities, prioritising and scheduling time
  6. Personal development – attainment of new skills and knowledge to assist in the accomplishment of your goals
  7. Getting help from others – may come in many forms, for example, key skills, specialist knowledge, support
  8. Execution, Execution, Execution – taking action and actually getting things done
  9. Measure and Review – measure your progress, review the progress against plan and take necessary actions

All of which are essential elements on the path to achievement of your goals and ambitions as you drive towards your desired future, your vision. This journey in its own right can be rewarding as you have grown and developed.


As you achieve the goals that you have set yourself, you should take time to mark the achievement. In doing so, you symbolise the achievement which can serve as an extrinsic motivation for you; it reinforces the behaviours that have led you to success and builds your confidence.

Reward yourself

Perhaps I should have included this bit in the post on goals or motivation, however, you might like to identify your reward for achieveing the goal as you set out. For instance, if your goal was to get healthier by lowering your weight perhaps you might set your reward as a new piece of clothing that you could only wear when you reach your target.

The End… or is it?

As you reach the fulfilment of your goals, you have successfully achieved what you have set out to achieve, you have celebrated and rewarded yourself. Do you stop there? I would suggest you should not, I would invite you to build on that success and push forward, review your vision and set yourself some more goals; perhaps more challenging or more expansive than before; a virtuous circle of success. As you set and achieve more challenging and rewarding goals, you will build more self-confidence and belief to push on even further.

Over to you

There we are then, over the past couple of weeks I have offered you my take outs from the success literature, courses and other resources that I have studied. It is now up to you. However, remembering step 7 – Getting help from others, I am here to help you.
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