After Action Review - EDF Half Marathon Training

After Action Review

It’s that time of the week again, here is my After Action Review for week 5. If you are a regular reader you will be, by now, familiar with the concept of the After Action Review. If not, there is an overview in the post for week 2. Please read on for an update on my progress toward my goal of running in and completing the EDF Birmingham Half Marathon.

Training Week 5 – After Action Review

1. What specific goal am I committed to achieve?

Product Goal
On October 24th 2010 I will complete the EDF Birmingham Half Marathon in a time of 1:59:00 or better
Process Goal
Complete week 5 of my half marathon training programme

2. What are my current results in relation to that goal?

Week 1,2,3 & 4 training schedules completed. AAR completed for week 2, week 3 & week 4. Below is the table of planned versus actual activity for week 5.

Half Marathon Training – Week 5
Day Planned Activity Actual Activity Status
Mon Rest day Rest day Green 
Tue 4 mile run 4.66 mile run Green 
Wed Cross Training 9.08 miles/39:10 minutes Cycling Green 
Thu 4 miles at race pace, target 09:05 min/mile 4.53 miles, avg 08:52 min/mile Green 
Fri Rest day gym – upper body workout   Green 
Sat 8 mile run
As I had got close to that last week I set a target on 9 miles
9.47 mile run (1:28:55)   Green 
Sun 3.5 mile EZ run 3.80 mile run & gym Green 

3. In this After Action Review period, what went right and why? Identify strengths and strategies to build on them?

All activities completed in line with the schedule.
I exceeded the training requirement on most activities.
The commitment and determination to achieve the goal and the commitment that I have made to report on my progress continue to provide motivation.
I have the established a routine. I am enjoying the training and seeing progress in the results.
BONUSES: This week I have run the furthest I have ever done, done the longest cycle ride in this training schedule and exceeded the distance I ran in the whole of August (on September 18th) – I have received emails from RunKeeper on all of these, another source of motivation 😉

4. In this After Action Review period, what went wrong and why? Identify weaknesses and strategies to address them?

I cannot pinpoint anything that has gone wrong this week. I took the lessons from last week and have addressed them.

5. What corrective actions will I implement now to remain on target?

None specifically. Continue to apply the lessons learnt to this point

6. What are my commitments / goals for the upcoming week so that I can consider my efforts a success?

This week – Complete week 6 of the training programme, largely as scheduled. As the Saturday run is scheduled to be a 9 miler, I will decide on an alternative distance as I have surpassed the 9 mile point this week

That completes my After Action Review for week 5 of the Half Marathon training programme.

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Watch out next week for my After Action Review for week 6…